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Cognitive Decline

How We Help
Families With Loved Ones Experiencing Cognitive Decline


We know how challenging it can be when a loved one is experiencing cognitive decline. We can help you along the way, providing Financial Planning, as well as Family Planning guidance and tools to help you get organized and prepared for the challenges that may arise.

If you or a loved one is experiencing cognitive decline, it can be a challenging and emotional time. We understand the importance of taking the right steps to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected.

Here are some important steps to take when dealing with cognitive decline:

  1. Establish legal and financial protections: It's important to create a durable power of attorney, establish a living trust, and ensure that all important legal and financial documents are up to date and easily accessible to those who need to know. This will help protect your assets and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

  2. Plan for long-term care: As cognitive decline progresses, long-term care may be required. It's important to plan for this early on, considering options like in-home care, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. This will help ensure that you or your loved one has the care and support needed as the condition progresses.

  3. Ensure that healthcare needs are met: Cognitive decline often comes with other health issues, so it's important to ensure that proper healthcare is maintained. This includes regular doctor visits, medication management, and access to specialists as needed.

  4. Seek emotional support: Cognitive decline can be difficult for both you and your loved ones. It's important to seek emotional support that can help navigate the challenges you may face. This can include joining support groups, speaking with a counselor, or connecting with others who have similar experiences. 

There is a lot you can do and should, but by taking these important steps, you can help ensure that you and your loved ones are protected and supported as you navigate this difficult time. We are here to help guide you through this process and provide support every step of the way.

Please see the ADULT CAREGIVERS RESOURCES below, as the above list contains just a few of the important details that should be reviewed and considered.


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