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Mission Statement

At Glen Morris Financial, we are dedicated to helping you plan and pursue your financial goals and dreams.

Our mission is to get to know you and understand your individual needs, wants, goals, and objectives. To do this we combine process, financial planning technology and ongoing review and collaboration.

It’s as true for financial and investment matters as it is for life in general: planning for the future helps you focus on where you’re headed and feel confident in where you stand in relation to your goals and intentions.

Our commitment to helping you plan effectively, invest wisely, and map a realistic financial course to your future years is at the heart of our financial planning process.

By blending the human dimension of personal goal setting with innovative technology, the planning process goes way beyond simply aiming for a dollar amount or trying to match a performance benchmark.

The process, the tools, and the technology we use allows us to help our clients to review life expectations, decide on an appropriate investment strategy, track progress and re-sync – or rethink – the approach whenever necessary.

The happiest and most successful clients enjoy the confidence and stability they feel regarding their investments and their financial plan.

We look forward to helping you plan and pursue your financial goals and dreams.